WeLaunch is WeFund’s multichain crowdfunding platform for projects who have successfully completed WeFund’s incubation service, WeIncubate. All projects on WeLaunch are required to follow WeFund’s smart contract milestone fund release system. This means the project backers will, at each milestone of a project’s development, vote as to whether the relevant milestone has been achieved, with the outcome of such vote determining the release of funds required for the project to achieve its next milestone.

  1. Fundraising (Private, Presale, Initial Offering, etc): a. Each backer (investor) of the project will receive 1 vote to approve or reject the quality of the project’s milestone delivery. b. Funds will be deposited in a yield generator for security and transparency. c. Project milestones approved (or rejected) by the backers of the project will trigger a smart contract with automatic fund release

  2. Deliver a winning project with full community approval, transparency, and minimal risk.

  3. If projects do not meet milestones: a. Delay - Work with the project team and create a time extension for milestone delivery. b. Reject - Funds remaining are returned to project backers.

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