WeIncubate is WeFund’s free incubation service for early-stage projects that are qualified to raise on WeFund’s crowdfunding platform, WeLaunch. The incubation period is 3 months long. During the incubation, the WeFund team will work closely with the project’s founding team to prepare the necessary documents and product development for fundraising. The incubation service includes assistance with product development, tokenomics, financials forecasts, whitepaper/litepaper, and more. The 3 month incubation period can be extended if necessary. Projects that are unable to consistently meet weekly goals will be dropped from the incubation process.

  1. Project Evaluation - Projects are carefully selected by the WeFund team and its community for their quality and potential success so they align with the WeFund community and brand.

  2. Project improvement and preparation for milestone delivery, roadmap, and community approval - After the initial evaluation, the WeFund team of experts will work with project creator(s) to fill any gaps in the project’s model that may limit the project’s chance of success with the WeFund community and scalability after fundraising.

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