WeFund has a robust due diligence checklist to select projects that are aiming to leverage the promising advantages of blockchain technology with a real-world application to increase transparency, security, and decentralization.

In addition to WeFund's due diligence process, to increase transparency, minimize risk, and hold projects accountable for the funds raised, WeFund has a unique community vetting and milestone system. This means the project backers will, at each milestone of a project’s development, vote as to whether the relevant milestone has been achieved, with the outcome of such vote determining the release of funds required for the project to achieve its next milestone. For example, if a project is looking to raise $50,000, the project creators will need to identify a series of milestones and their respective expected costs (WeFund can work with the project creators on this). For this example, we can assume this project will need $10,000 for platform development, $20,000 for marketing, and so on… Every project will be funded with USDC or USDT and will have a dedicated smart contract that automatically deposits funds raised to yield generating saving protocols (Aave, Curve, Nexo, etc). The first $10,000 will be released to the project creator to complete its first milestone within a predetermined period. When the milestone is complete, the investors of the project will vote whether or not this meets their expectations. If the milestone is approved, the next set of funds, in this example $20,000, will be automatically released to the project creators. If the milestone is not approved, the remaining funds will be returned to the investors. With this system and the use of smart contracts, WeFund does not touch any of the funds raised and the entire fundraising process is transparent.

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